Fees and Terms: Roger Moon, cocktail ~ lounge ~ jazz ~ light classical Pianist West of England


My fee will depend on the length of time I am at the venue, how long I play for, the distance I have to travel, and (of course) whether I play solo or with others.

You will be booking me direct, so there will be no agency commission. My part in your special event could cost as little as £150 – £250 plus travel expenses.

Remember – the dearest is not always the best!

Terms and Conditions

The vast majority of engagements proceed smoothly and as agreed. The following Terms and Conditions are set out to help to ensure that your event is happy and trouble-free.

  1. I/we will arrive at the venue no later than 20 minutes before start time. Notice must be given if earlier arrival/setup is needed.
  2. The venue should be open at time of arrival and at a reasonable temperature.
  3. When a piano is provided at the venue, it must be tuned and in good condition. If the instrument has not been tested by me beforehand, and on arrival is judged by me unplayable, I may opt to use my Digital Piano instead.
  4. When I am providing a Digital Piano, a safe 240 volt supply must be provided at the point where I am to play.
  5. I take no responsibility for any electrical or other equipment not supplied by me.
  6. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that no-one will be disturbed or inconvenienced by the music I am playing.
  7. Notice must be given if a microphone is needed for announcements.
  8. Type of performance will be agreed in advance along with any special requests. I aim to be as flexible as possible, but reserve the right to refuse unreasonable demands.
  9. Performers’ dress code will be agreed in advance.
  10. For performances longer than 75 minutes, the Performer(s) will take a break of 10 minutes for every 50 minutes’ playing.
  11. Performers’ refreshments are not a requirement, but when agreed upon they should be provided.
  12. In the event of cancellation by the Client at 14 to 28 days’ notice, 50% fee to be paid; up to 14 days’ notice, full fee to be paid.

Payment will be: deposit on booking, balance in advance (if preferred) or on arrival by cash or cheque payable to ROGER MOON

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