Contact, Booking Form, and FAQs: Roger Moon, cocktail ~ lounge ~ jazz ~ light classical Pianist Cheltenham & Cotswolds

For urgent enquiries ring 07504 379486. Otherwise please make contact initially by email:  or using the booking enquiry form below.

Booking enquiries are provisional and without commitment on your part at this stage. They become firm and binding once confirmed by contract.

Booking Enquiry Form




Is your electrical equipment safe?

Yes. It is all tested regularly by an independent technician and is checked by me on a weekly basis.

What happens if you are ill on the day?

In 35 years I have only once missed an engagement through illness (about 17 years ago). In the worst case I would find a suitable deputy and there would be no extra fee.

What if we find you are too loud or too soft?

Just tell me! With acoustic instruments there is a limit to the adjustment possible, but there has rarely been any trouble. If you have hired a venue, you should check with its management that no-one will be disturbed.

Will we have to pay in advance?

I ask for a deposit at the time of booking and the balance on the day – preferably when I arrive.

Will you be smartly dressed?

Yes. My default dress code is: white dinner jacket (tuxedo) and black bow tie. You can request anything reasonable, either more or less formal to suit the occasion.

What happens during your breaks?

If requested I can bring recorded music similar to my style, to cover my breaks. I am usually given a soft drink or beverage.

What if we want you to go on playing longer than booked?

I am happy to go on for up to 10 minutes past the booked time. More than this will be charged in proportion to the fee.

Will you reduce the fee if we need you for less time (e.g. if we are running late or decide to finish early)?

Sorry, no. The fee covers my/our attendance between the agreed times.

Can you play out of doors?

Yes, but not in even slightly damp conditions: an alternative spot indoors should be planned. Also, several hours outside in full blazing sun is not ideal!

Is VAT included?

No VAT is charged as my turnover is below the VAT threshold.

Will you give me a discount if I pay in cash?

Sorry, no. All my income is declared for tax purposes.

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